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My name is Mr Sunil C Patel I was born in London and my Origin is Indian. In 1997 with little borrowed money i built a large property portfolio in 12 years becoming a millionaire. In 2014 a friend of mine introduced me to the Network Marketing & Multi Level Industry (MLM).

I joined 2 of the the Largest Network Marketing, MLM businesses because of my competitive nature & interest. In time i realised that these companies were not run ethically. They had Overpriced Products & services and only 10-20% of affiliates would make any money. It saddened me that so many people would lose money.

The CEOs would start these businesses for there own profits with no genuine care or regard for the Innocent public which i regard as disgraceful.By public demand and a genuine desire to care for the public i created Integrity ESA Advertising, Shopping & Events Network.

My Goal is to make sure EVERYBODY makes money. I want people in poor Countries to be able to earn £20.00 a week so they can feed & educate there children with pride so they do not have to accept charity donations.I see myself as having the same values as Richard Branson & Warren Buffet where there should be a genuine care for the customer & society.

Integrity ESA is a Family, a Culture & an online revolution.I want you to help me reach my ultimate Vision & Goal of 10 Million Members in 150 Countries within 2 years.

Integrity ESA will have the best priced, best quality products & services. Integrity ESA will have the best Entrepreneur Training Events in the World.My vision is to Compete with Facebook, You Tube & Google as a quality advertising provider.Our core Values are Sustainability & Stability.My first goal is to make our business profitable as soon as possible.

My Promise is a heart of good intentions.

Never Give Up

Keep Strong CEO Mr Sunil C Patel


Mr Sunil C Patel