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Sunil C will teach you how he went from a £4000 student loan to 4 Million Pounds Profit!

Here's the Secrets To Creating Massive Wealth & Achieving your Dreams & Goals

Introducing: UNSTOPPABLE ENTREPRENEURS MONTHLY an educational Training Seminar That Will Accelerate Your Wealth & teach you the power of Passive Income.

Sunil C Patel is one the of U.K's leading Entrepreneurs and has finally made a decision to give back to Society and the new generation of entrepreneurs. He says " Once a person has become financially free it is his duty to give back to society, and if they don't than it is just pure "Greed" .

The Seminar will run from 12pm - 5pm

At this seminar he will teach you his personal branded system: "The Wealth Accelerator Diploma 101".

The Wealth Accelerator Diploma 101 took Sunil C Patel 20 years to design & construct.

Sunil C Patel has created this system through his 20 years of experience and has formatted his course to make it as simple as possible for Entrepreneurs.

What will you learn on Sunil C's Wealth Creation Accelerator Diploma 101

  • Mindset training
  • Advance property investing techniques
  • Strategy training
  • How to sell & deal Making
  • How to raise money / finance
  • How to build a power team
  • Leadership training
  • Momentum Training
  • How to check & Maintain your Credit History
  • How to become financially free & Spiritually happy

The USA has Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk.......Sunil C will represent the United Kingdom and hopes to make you proud.Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Monthlywill be held every single month but there will be a limited capacity of 50 people so i can concentrate my time fully. Book your tickets early to avoid dissapointment.


At the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Monthly event Sunil C will be sharing real life deals he has done with video & recording evidence. (Permission has been obtained to use these real life video's)

This event will be very high energy & will be practical based not theory or book based. Sunil C will share his 20 years of insights where he has made 4 million pounds in Net profit starting with absolutely Zero financial backing.

If he can do it. So can you.

Sunil C will be holding 17 events a year

12 - Unstoppable entrepreneur Monthly 1 day events - (Entry)

Sunil C will be holding 17 events a year

4 - Unstoppable Entrepreneur weekend Bootcamps every 3 Months (Advance Level) Wealth Creation Accelerator Diploma 101.

1 - 5 Day Mentoring Retreat in Bali, Indonesia. At this training

event Sunil C Patel will enter you into his core team and offer you joint venture opportunities and will personally mentor you 1 - 1. This is a very powerful group of Inovators and game changers.

"Keep Strong"

"Never Give Up"

"You Must do what others won't do, In order to have what other don't have"

" The best Revenge, is massive success"

" People will give up on you, Society, family, friends will give up on you...But you must NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF"

"Nobody is better than me, and i am better than no one"

Wish you the best of succes if you attend my event or not.


Sunil C Patel


Monthly one day event

Unstoppable Entrepreneurs Monthly

Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, London, WC2R 0JJ, United Kingdom

Saturday, 17th June 2017 12:00 - 17:00  BST

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one day event

Saturday, 17th June 2017 12:00 - 17:00  BST


Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, London, WC2R 0JJ, United Kingdom


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